Real Estate Agents

In a business driven by relationships, choosing your partners carefully is incredibly important. Having been in the mortgage industry for more than two decades, I can help your clients have a positive home buying experience. When you refer your clients to me, I will help them maximize their buying power, ensure that they close on time, and help them qualify for the best rate with the fewest amount of fees. And that’s just the start of the Red Carpet service you can expect when you work with me!

Protect Your Relationship with Your Client

When you make a referral, you’re putting your reputation on the line, and if your client has a bad experience, that reflects poorly on you and could easily cost you referrals down the line. I understand how important relationships are to your business, and I will always do my utmost to protect the relationship you have with your clients.

Close on Time

Over the last 20 years, I have seen almost every type of problem you can think of when it comes to getting a mortgage application approved. One of the biggest benefits of working with me is that underwriting happens upfront in our process. By handling underwriting at the beginning of the process, we greatly diminish the chances of an unpleasant surprise once your client makes an offer. In the event of a problem, I will work to resolve it as quickly as possible, and if bad news needs to be delivered to your client, I will make that phone call to ensure that your relationship with them is protected.

Available After-Hours & Weekends

I know that you are not working a standard 9-to-5 job and need a mortgage partner who is available when you are. I’m available by phone, email, and text after hours and on weekends to help you get your deals closed on your schedule.

No Last-Minute Surprises

Communication and experience are essential to avoiding surprises. With more than two decades in the mortgage industry, I’m well-versed in both. I know that your clients don’t like uncertainty, so I make sure to keep them informed every step along the way. For your more tech-savvy clients, we have an app that delivers the sleek, tech experience they’ve grown accustomed to when using other services. Another way I help you avoid last-minute surprises is by conducting the underwriting upfront. This ensures your clients know their purchasing power and can confidently make offers.

No Credit Shaming

Often, borrowers tell me that one of the most uncomfortable parts of the home buying process is the conversation about personal finances. This conversation often hits all the wrong notes. People don’t like to feel judged, few have perfect credit, and most dislike discussing their finances. This can lead to one seemingly long and uncomfortable conversation. I refocus the conversation from where your client is to where they want to be and how homeownership can help them achieve their financial goals.

Exclusive Events

I offer exclusive social, networking, and educational events for the agents and brokers I work with. Along with the events I normally host throughout the year, I will be launching Business Bites this spring – a series of short, action-oriented events designed to help you grow and manage your business.

Ready for the Red Carpet Treatment?

Let me help you make your clients feel like a star. Text or call me at (402) 214-1068.